Our goal with Compass is to make a feature rich dealer/store locator built atop the Google map’s zip code proximity search, other extensions currently on the JED require large zip code databases to pull from, or monthly paid services to connect to.  Compass will be a standalone extension, install it and add all of your locations to it, then the user’s do a zip code search and it will return all of the locations nearest to their location/zip.

Compass will be developed following the Joomla MVC framework, so it will be easy for users to customize via template overrides to fit their own site needs.  Compass will also be built to take advantage of the multi-language support and will use Joomla language files.




I seen a need for a feature reach dealer/store locator that would run on your own site without the need to paying for a monthly service if you did not want/need to.  I had a client that needed a dealer locater a few years back for their Joomla website, and after searching for an off the shelve solutions, we were unable to find a solution that fit our client’s needs so we ended up building an extension that would work.  There are a lot of options out there, but most of them are all built about the same way, you do a search and you get a basic scrolling list next to a Google map, if that’s all you need there are a lot of options out there, but if you need more power over the layout, and if you want to have listing scroll down the page, with pagination, and the ability to view a company profile for each of the locations with location information then there is really nothing else out on the marking for Joomla doing this, that’s why I developed a feature reach dealer/store locator that uses the Google Map’s API and I called it Compass Pro, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did developing it.  I have so many more features on the development roadmap for this extension, the options are endless.

—Christophor S. Wilson
Director of web development

Overview Video

Setup & Configuration

After you have installed the extension you will want to create a new menu item.

  1. Once you have installed the extension, you will want to add at least one category.
  2. Then you can start adding your locations.
  3. By default the country is set to US, if you are not in the US, you can set the default contry to your own but going to Compass, then to categories, and clicking on Options, then click on Google Map Settings.
  4. If you want to use the large Google map at the top of the page, you will need to apply for a Google Maps API Key, you can do that here.
  5. Under Default Settings you can set if you want to use Miles or Kilometers.
  6. Now you are ready to create a new menu item, there are more settings you can change under the menu item parameters.


The following is a list of CSS classes you can use in your template's stylesheet to style the extension to fit your site's theme:

.compass{} // this is the main form class, and can be used to target the child items.
.items_list{} // this class is attached to the UL tag that wraps all of the results.
.sortOptions{} // this class is used to float the sort options to the right.
.sortDir{} // this class is used to style the sort direction arrow.
.googleMapFrame{} // this class is used to style the large Google map frame.
.minimap{} // this class is used to style the mini Google map next to each result.
.title{} // this class is used to style the location title.
.address1{} // this class is used to style the location address.
.city{} // this class is used to style the location city.
.phone1{} // this class is used to style the location phone. 
.url{} // this class is used to style the location URL.

TIP If after upgrading to Compass v1.0.5 or newer from a version older than v1.0.5 your locations list on the front end is broken, try this: open your menu item for the locations layout, then save it, this will refresh the page's parameters and get the latest settings.

TIP If you are testing Compass Pro on a localhost website, please note that the auto Geo IP lookup feature will not work as it will return your local IP address as something like, so make sure you disable that feature in your menu item's settings before testing.



You can add an unlimited number of categories to better organize your companies by category.


You can add an unlimited number of locations.

On the search results page, you can enable a mini Google map thumbnail next to each location, you can enable a link for that thumbnail to link to the profile page, Google maps, or disable it.  You have the same options with the location title, you can enable a link that will go to the location profile page, or Google maps.  You can disable the title, distance, address, and map from the list to fit your layout needs.

Miles / Kilometers

Our extension now allows our firends over seas select from miles or kilometers.


On the location page the location’s name, address1, address2, city, state, zip, country, phone1, phone2, phone3, email, logo, description, hours, website url, tags, facebook, youtube, twitter, and linkedin information will get displayed.  Using Joomla’s template override system, you can edit the page’s layout to fit your website’s needs.

 MVC Development

Our extension follows the Joomla MVC framework so it will be easy to do any template overrides that you may need to do to fit your needs.

 Multi Language Support

Our extension follows the Joomla language framework so if you need to use multiple languages it’s simple with our extension.

1 Month Subscription$99.99
Updates for 1 month
Support for 1 month
1 Year Subscription$149.99
Updates for 1 year
Support for 1 year
2 Year Subscription$249.99
Updates for 2 years
Support for 2 years

New Features:

NEW We added the category to item layout within the locations results.

NEW We added the category to the location details layout page.

NEW We added CSS classes to the items on the location details layout page.

NEW We added H3 headings to the location details layout page.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed We fixed a few CSS bugs that was causing the search and sorting fields to get displayed incorrectly on mobile devices.

Fixed We fixed the Google map marker titles.

Fixed We added an empty category option to the category select menu to be able to reset the category filter.

Fixed We removed the bottom margin from the mini map images.

Fixed We fixed a CSS bug that was causing issues with the bootstrap grid system when locations results where getting displayed in grid view with mini maps enabled.

Fixed We increased the default mini map size from 90px to 150px to work better with the changes to made to the grid system.


One of the main features that Compass has been waiting for has been the ability to filter by category from the front end, at last you can now filter by category from the font end, wahoo! We made a few other minor jQuery, CSS, and PHP improvements.

New Features:

NEW You can now filter by category on the front end.

NEW You now have the ability to set the default proximity.

NEW You now have the allow to set custom map sizes.

NEW You can now enable / disable search field.

NEW You can now enable / disable proximity field.

NEW You can now enable / disable category field.

NEW You can now enable / disable sort fields.

NEW You can now enable / disable results list.

NEW You now have the ability to select different Geo IP providers:

  • Free Geo IP (www.freegeoip.net)
  • Geo Plugin (www.geoplugin.net)
  • Telize (www.telize.com)
  • IP API (www.ip-api.com)
  • Pycox IP (ip.pycox.com)
  • Hero Kuapp (geo-ip.herokuapp.com)
  • Smart IP (www.smart-ip.net)

Bug Fixes:

Fixed We fixed the ability to enable / disable the page title.

Fixed We fixed a bug with the tracking of location hits.


Bug Fixes:

Fixed We fixed a few mySQL issues when upgrading Compass from an older version it would not update the new database table structure.


Bug Fixes:

Fixed We fixed an issue if no zip code was entered and if you selected to sort by distance Joomla would display a mySQL database error.

Fixed We fixed an issue with the auto Geo IP lookup feature, the default.xml file was missing the field name.

Fixed We fixed an issue if a location was not published it would still get listed.


We have made several bug fixes and added more features and streamlined the backend.  Thanks to our customers and their invaluable feedback over the past few months, we have taken note and made the improvements that you have been asking for.


  1. We had two funky sections in the backend, one for company, and the other for location, we did this to you could setup a company and add multiple locations for each company, this became a bigger problem than what it was really worth, so we removed the company section/feature altogether, now you can simply add multiple locations without having to select a company every time or setup a company just to add a new location. Several of our beta testers are really excited to see the company feature go away as it cuts down on data entry.
  2. Now when adding new locations, if you filter by category on the locations list, and then add a new location, the system will remember your selection so you do not have to keep selecting the same category over and over again when adding multiple locations to the same category.
  3. Now when adding new locations, if you adding a new location, your userid will be the default userid used, but you will still have access to the select a user feature if you need to assign the location to anotherThis cuts a few more steps out of the process when adding new locations.

New Features:

NEW We added better layout parameters to the locations list layout, you can now enable/disable the location title, the large map, the mini maps, distance, and address.

NEW We added options where the location title, and mini maps should link to, and also added an option to open the profile page in a lightbox.

NEW We added in an option for unit type, so you can now easily select from miles or kilometers.

NEW You can now enable / disable the zip code, proximity select menu, search button, sort order select menu, sort direction image, and pagination fields on the frontend.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed We fixed the proximity query to work for our friends overseas by adding a new global country parameter, this lets you add a starting country, by default Google’s maps use North America.

Fixed We fixed the frontend sort direction arrow button, in v1.0.0 when click it did not do anything, this has been fixed as of v1.0.1

Fixed We fixed a bug that would kick back errors if the zip code field was left blank and a user did a search.

Fixed We fixed a bug, when the auto locations feature was disabled it would display SQL errors.

Fixed We made several code / query improvement to help speed rendering / load times.


Going LIVE with the stable release of Compass Pro v1.0.0. Wahoo!