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Pinterest Pro makes it really simple to add a pin it button to your images within your Joomla articles, the button will show in the upper right corner of your images when you hover over them. This is a great feature for blog style layouts. To add the button to any image is easy just add a CSS class to the image, the default class is “pinable”, this class can easily be changed to whatever meets your needs via the plugin’s parameters. The Pinterest pin description is pulled from the image's alt tag, if no alt tag is set then the plugin will use the page's meta description is that is not set it will use the page's title.





"This has been a plugin that we have been wanting to develop for some time, seeing the need to develop an easy way for our customers to add the ability for their customer to pin their photos to their pinterest boards. After a client contact us about developing it we decided to pull the trigger and develop the plugin."

—Christophor S. Wilson
Director of web development
1 Month Subscription$24.95
Updates for 1 month
Support for 1 month
1 Year Subscription$54.95
Updates for 1 year
Support for 1 year
2 Year Subscription$99.95
Updates for 2 years
Support for 2 years

NEW Added support for Joomla 3.4.

Fixed Other minor bug fixes.


New Features:

NEW We added the ability to add jQuery selectors instead of only one CSS class, now you can use element IDs or Classes or both or even classes with child elements.

NEW We added the ability to add multiple jQuery selectors.


Bug Fixes:

Fixed We fixed some backend issues with Joomla 3.3.0.

Fixed Added in support for Joomla v3.3.0.


This is the stable release of Pinterest Pro.